The crawlin kingsnakes band

We're a Rockabilly and Rock & Roll band - need you know more?

Ok, so we play all the best rockin songs from the 50s onwards that everyone knows, and also some others people may not, but they're all great tunes, and a good smattering of our own self penned tunes!

We try to keep our sound as authentic as possible using era equipment and techniques. We have our own PA, lights and gear, and can tailor our show to suit your needs - from pubs and clubs, to dance halls and weddings, to private parties

Heck, we're pretty much up for anything!

Dan - Vocals, Rythm Guitar


For vocals I use an authentic Shure Super 55 Delux mic, with a little bit of echo and reverb

Guitar wise I play a Gretsch White Falcon Electro-Acoustic, called Matilda


I've been in bands since my students days and am super excited to be Rockin n Rollin with these guys!

Pete - Lead Guitar, backing vocals


My earliest musical memories are of the excitment at hearing rock n roll records on the radio. Its the perfect mix of blues, jazz and punky energy, all with an off the wall approach that makes it still sound edgy today


Its so much fun to play and always get the place jumpin'! I use a Gretsch guitar with a Fender amp with a little bit of slapback echo

Jake - Drums, backing vocals


Playing a Gretch Catalina drum kit in matt black with Sabian cymbals and Mapex hardware

Been playing drums since my late teens and always been a keen sportsman


I've always listened to Rock n Roll for as long as I can remember - also I love to go out to drink and party!

Andy - Bass


Playing a custom painted Double Bass with a fishman bridge pick-up and a neck pick-up for that classic rockabilly click sound. a original 1971 Musicman 130 Bass amp, a 210 cab with EV speakers and a 115 Ashdown Deep Bass Cab. 


I've always loved Rockabilly music, so I took up playing bass when I gave up vintage motorcycle racing

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